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This webinar examines the progress of innovation in disruptive trends of Cockpit digitalization for future mobility. Learn about innovative technologies in cockpit digitalization, the companies behind them, and the impact on the automotive landscape and user experience.

1. Mobility Cloud: The importance of cloud computing for connected and autonomous vehicles is increasing to manage the data from millions of vehicles per day and deliver personalized services. To respond to this challenge, VW is launching its Automotive Cloud (VW AC) starting in 2022 as part of its strategy to become a leading automotive software innovator.

2. In-car payment services enable by voice: In-car Connected services are on the rise enabled by innovation in connectivity and voice AI. Back in July 2020, Cerence introduced Cerence Pay for a secure, contactless payment experience in the car through voice-powered AI. The technology is being piloted together with Audi.

3. Cyber Security: with the proliferation of remote car connectivity services, such as digital key access from the likes of BMW, we look into cybersecurity solutions for network, cloud, and in-car systems

4. In-cabin sensing to be paired with health monitoring and emotionAI: Regulation in Europe requires carmakers to fit sensors to mitigate driver distraction and drowsiness. At the same time, voice assistants with advanced emotional intelligence are proliferating in modern cars. Amazon Alexa voice services now available on Fiat 500, powered by Cerence’s conversational AI. Amazon is focusing on expanding services like paying for gas at Exxon and Mobil gas stations. It has also announced that Alexa will have emotional intelligence integration.

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