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Key Technologies to watch in electric, autonomous, and shared Mobility

2022 will see Mobility leveling-up in Autonomous Driving to allow drivers to take their “eyes off the road” while car interiors become more intelligent.

What’s more, Mobility’s electric heart will beat stronger than ever driven by innovation in batteries, fuel cells, and architectures.

Shared mobility will reach new highs with robotaxis and new alternatives to ownership hitting the market.

Join our webinar to learn about the key innovations in technologies that will drive Mobility’s growth in 2022 and beyond.

  • Technological innovation in radars, cameras, and lidars to support Level 3 Autonomous Driving in Europe, the US, China, and Japan
  • New opportunities arising from the Active Safety Regulation coming to Europe in 2022 in HMI and cockpit technologies
  • Assess the breakthroughs in lithium-ion, solid-state batteries, and fuel cells to bring longer range and faster charging to the market
  • Understand the emergence of robotaxis to take shared mobility services to the next level in 2022
  • Explore the key technologies fueling new mobility business models, such as Blockchain, which enables decentralized authentication for mobility services and powers crypto-currency rewards for data-sharing initiatives and connected electrified infrastructure.

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