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With environmental concerns and consumer preference continuing to impact the transport industry, our client wanted to gain an in-depth analysis of current and future trends related to sustainable materials. They also wanted to assess the landscape of materials under research – especially for the automotive sector.

Client success details

The support and insights FutureBridge delivered helped our client build a prioritized roadmap for sustainable material used in various vehicle systems, especially from an EV development perspective. Our analysis answered several of our client’s critical business questions including:

Sustainability is a growing trend due to regulations and consumer awareness of the environment. How can mobility players build a sustainability roadmap?
  • What are the latest recyclable, renewable, and biomaterial-based material developments for mobility applications?
  • Which automotive components are expected to be produced from the identified materials?
  • Who are the leading material developers innovating in this space?
  • What are the latest products for these new alternative materials?

FutureBridge conducted extensive primary and secondary research across multiple industries to develop a landscape of current and future sustainable material insights. Our research included:
Materials identified from within and outside the industry.

  • Material properties including their mechanical and chemical make up
  • The energy needed to manufacture and recycle the identified materials
  • The state of maturity of materials and processing needs
  • Key players involved in the development of sustainable materials for automotive applications

FutureBridge further analyzed and arranged the material on a Player vs. Material vs. Components map. Potential suppliers of relevant material were also identified. Also, FutureBridge helped our client define a clear vision of which automotive components are expected to be designed and manufactured using sustainable materials in the near, medium, and long term.

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