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Quick Overview:

Volatility is set to define the food industry’s trajectory over the next decade. Our global industry exhibits a remarkable contrast and diversity, with markets, companies, and consumers often holding opposing views on key challenges like sustainability, health, wellness, digitization, and food experiences.

One of our top global F&B clients aimed to discern the future of food along two critical parameters influencing innovation:

(i) The adoption of synthetic solutions versus natural preferences.

(ii) The risks associated with food insecurity worldwide.

To assist them, we provided access to our robust Food & Nutrition platform. Leveraging the FutureBridge Future of Food methodology, they measured these parameters and dissected them into four distinct scenarios. These scenarios offer projections based on the potential outcomes of these parameters.

Client success details

The Future of Food methodology guided our client through an extensive exploration of market and technology landscapes, trend projections, cross-industry challenge analysis, and comprehensive solution mapping. It equips our client with the foresight to anticipate and prepare for diverse future scenarios, facilitating proactive decision-making and fostering strategic innovation.

The key questions addressed through this methodology were:

Conducting stress and volatility assessments aids in early preparation, improved projections, and expedited innovation to effectively address the constantly evolving demands.
  • What stage of innovation have synthetic solutions reached and when should we expect commercialization?
  • How well prepared is the food industry for population growth coupled with reduced food supplies?
  • What technologies will evolve consumer taste experiences?

Future of Food Methodology


Future of Food Methodology Stage 2

Our Food & Nutrition platform, combined with the Future of Food program, systematically navigated and anticipated future developments, trends, and uncertainties. This informed decision-making and formulated strategies to sculpt a desired future for our client. Going beyond mere future predictions, this method delves into multiple possibilities, analyzing their potential implications, and discerning appropriate solutions to proactively stay ahead of the curve.

This comprehensive approach offered our client a 360-degree outlook on trend forecasting, empowering them to make informed strategic decisions, embrace novel innovation techniques, and align their brand with the future of food.

To unlock the potential of trend forecasting, innovation, and strategic alignment for your brand with our comprehensive Food & Nutrition platform and Future of Food program, request a demo today.

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