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Quick Overview

The Client, in the forefront of nutrition and wellness, sought to gain a deep understanding of consumer perceptions regarding the relationship between gut and brain health, specifically through the gut-brain axis. They aimed to decode consumer behavior and awareness pertaining to nutrition’s impact on brain health and the broader gut-brain axis interaction.

Client Success Details

Our research methodology amalgamated both secondary research and entity executive discussions. This comprehensive approach allowed the Client to gather a holistic understanding of consumer perceptions on the gut-brain axis, the most recognized ingredients influencing gut and brain health, and the predominant influencers in purchase decisions. The study addressed several crucial business questions, including:

According to a discussion conducted with nutritionists in the US, consumers are looking for natural ingredients to improve their cognitive health. Ginseng, mushrooms, and choline are the most preferred and popular ones
  • What is the prevailing consumer perception of nutrients, foods, or supplements that bolster brain and/or gut health via the gut-brain axis (microbiota)?
  • How do consumers perceive the benefits of these supplements?
  • Are there notable communication strategies or selling points related to the gut-brain axis in consumer-focused brand communications?
  • Which ingredients stand out and are easily recalled by consumers when considering gut or brain health?
  • Do foods influence the moods of consumers, and which foods are typically consumed to alleviate stress?
  • Are consumers able to establish a clear connection between gut health and brain health?
  • What types of supplements are popular among consumers for brain health enhancement?
  • Are consumers acquainted with terminologies such as “nootropics”?
  • Is there a marked awareness among consumers about the concept of the “gut-brain axis”?
  • What are the primary influencers and channels that sway consumers’ purchasing decisions in this segment?
  • Do consumers generally showcase loyalty towards specific supplement brands?
  • Are there discernible trends associated with pet supplements in the gut-brain health arena?
  • Which organizations or associations are actively conducting surveys centered on gut/brain health?
  • What are the observed regional patterns related to gut/brain health supplements?
  • Which age demographics emerge as the primary buyers for gut or brain health supplements?

Our systematic research process comprised:

  • Desk Research: Comprehensive secondary research was conducted using an array of open-source materials, including company websites, press releases, technology portals, data from social media, associations, organizations, and online consumer survey portals.
  • Entity Executive Discussion: A dialogue was initiated with over 20 healthcare professionals. This allowed us to mesh consumer awareness with expert opinions on the topic, providing a rounded view.

The insights provided a clear snapshot of consumer perception regarding the gut-brain axis. This enabled the Client to make informed decisions, tailoring their products and communications to resonate better with their target audience. The information also illuminated consumer preferences regarding ingredients and supplements, which could influence product development and marketing strategies.

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