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Quick Overview

A renowned food and beverage company aimed to conduct a technological and strategic foresight program to identify potential opportunities or ‘signals’ in waste valorisation applicable in the next 5 years and beyond. The major objectives included exploring technologies and concepts that could guide innovation in its business, understanding future innovations in the F&B industry, and conducting an extensive workshop with their Immersion Team to brainstorm, evaluate, and prioritize potential ideas. The company aspired to leverage ideas from both within and outside the food industry to potentially become industry leaders.

Client Success Details

Our research methodology involved web-based research, patent literature studies, scientific literature reviews, and executive discussions, which enabled the client to identify potential opportunities in waste valorisation, gain insights into cutting-edge research in the domain, and pinpoint the best solution aligning with the company’s goals and vision. The study answered several key business questions, including:

The early signal indicated that upcycled protein can provide functional benefits to consumers and can assist in waste valorization for food manufacturers.
  • What are the potential technologies/solutions that hold promise for guiding innovation in waste valorisation?
  • What is the future landscape of innovations in the F&B industry related to waste valorisation?
  • Which opportunity clusters within the relevant focus areas can create opportunities for the client’s business?
  • What are the growth indicators for the identified opportunity in waste valorisation?
  • How does the detailed study of shortlisted opportunities in waste valorisation look like, including R&D outlines, future market developments, and opportunities?

The engagement comprised a comprehensive weak signal program, implemented in four phases:

  • Scanning Phase: Involved scanning of internal platforms and sourcing databases, meta-data extraction from multiple databases, and prioritizing opportunity clusters.
  • Analysis Phase: Conducted analysis of identified domains for alignment with proposed taxonomy and analyzed potential technologies, ingredients, and products.
  • Identify Phase: Identified opportunity clusters within relevant focus areas, defined clusters creating opportunities for the client’s business, and shortlisted the most suitable cluster for further analysis.
  • Deep-dive and Quarterly Monitoring: Involved a detailed study of shortlisted opportunities, outlining R&D, studying future market developments and opportunities, identifying growth indicators for the opportunities, and conducting quarterly monitoring to track market developments continuously.

Benefits to the Client:

  • The client gained a clear picture of emerging innovations in the market.
  • Insights into cutting-edge research in the waste valorisation domain were provided.
  • The identified solutions perfectly aligned with the company’s goals and vision after thorough discussions, aiding in strategic planning and decision-making processes.

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