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Quick overview

A renowned food and beverage company was eager to explore innovative avenues in “circularity and sustainability of production waste/side streams” within their coffee/beverage segment. With an emphasis on leveraging ideas from both within and outside the food industry, the company’s aspiration was clear:

  • Grasp a comprehensive perspective on identifying production waste and side streams unique to their coffee/beverage production.
  • Conduct an extensive workshop with their Immersion Team to brainstorm, evaluate, and prioritize potential ideas.
  • The ultimate aim was to present a polished set of innovative strategies to the client’s Leadership Team.

Client Success Details

Our comprehensive desk research, involving primary and secondary research based on open sources, paid and open-source databases, helped the client understand the various innovative technologies that can help in achieving carbon neutrality. The study answered several of the client’s critical business questions, including:

Entities are exploring energy-efficient and reduced carbon emission spray drying technologies such as Mist Spray Dryers or Waste Heat Recovery with Spray Drying System.
  • What are the known and unique processes/technologies/equipment in coffee and milk drying processes?
  • What activities are coffee and milk powder providing competitors involved in?
  • What are the current challenges faced by the competitors and the strategies they are using to overcome them?

The analysis provided insights into the activities of competitors, the current challenges faced by them, and the strategies employed to overcome existing challenges. Additionally, the research identified processes/technologies/equipment that can be immediately adopted and have the potential for adoption within the next 10 years.

The engagement comprised a comprehensive approach to assess the current landscape and future potential of technologies in the segment. The following key steps were included:

  • Conducted primary and secondary research based on open sources, including company websites, press releases, and technology portals.
  • Gathered patent and scientific literature from paid and open-source databases to identify innovative technologies and active entities in the segment.
  • Analyzed competitor activities related to carbon neutrality in their spray drying facilities for milk or coffee-related products.

As a result of our well-tested methodology, the client was able to gather information about the associated active entities in the segment, understand its competitor activities in carbon neutrality, and identify innovative technologies that can help in achieving carbon neutrality in their spray drying facilities for milk or coffee-related products. This helped the client’s innovation and strategy teams to establish a business case and make informed decisions to achieve carbon neutrality in their operations.

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