Sustainable Building Materials – A Green Leap Forward!

Material demand in building structure may change due to emerging trends such as designing buildings to be more energy-efficient, constructing buildings from materials that last longer and are less carbon-intensive, reducing material losses at construction sites, and enhancing the reusability and recyclability of construction materials.

To mitigate climate change impacts from the building sector, low-carbon and especially carbon-sink materials and products have been considered as one of the most important mitigation opportunities. Many regional and national governments have established green building product labeling systems and carbon labeling systems, which further foster the implementation and market penetration of these materials and products

Join our webinar and learn:

  • What does the universe of sustainable building materials look like?
  • Which materials have the highest potential to replace existing materials and why?
  • Which start-up companies are able to provide innovative and sustainable products?
  • What is the motivation of leading companies to use sustainable building materials?
  • Way forward / FutureBridge viewpoint: Anticipated key developments in short/mid and long term related to sustainable building materials