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The Life Science industry is undergoing an exciting transformation. Dramatic changes are being driven by recent advances in science and technology, coupled with increasing globalization, an aging population and mainstream adoption of digital technologies.

The availability of digital data – electronic health records, social, genomics, clinical, insurance, consumer data – enables integrated drug development and manufacturing. Add to this mix an increased focus on open-innovation and personalized medicine, and the industry faces an exciting future – albeit with some challenges from regulatory and market forces.

The industry is geared towards revolution in a number of areas, including:

  • Healthcare on-demand/on-demand delivery models
  • IOT-enabled real-time tracking and control of devices and smart supply chains
  • Advanced analytics and Big data driving productivity and outcomes
  • Transition to value-based care
  • Connected patient-and-provider models
  • Impact of aging population on growth strategy

Even as these trends evolve, maintaining a balance between the value and volume parts of the business will be key to a successful portfolio strategy. Strategic alliances and new operating models are also contributing to overall growth in the sector.

Automation and standardization is another area where best-in-class companies are investing time and resource into measuring manufacturing capability, standardizing business processes and finding ways to leverage digital data.

With an experienced team of technical and commercial consultants, we are well-positioned to help drive innovation and growth for clients in the Life Sciences industry.

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