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Technological leaps – aimed at making the environment cleaner and introducing better-functioning and smarter machines – are rapidly changing the dynamics of Industrial Manufacturing.

As a new era of machines takes over, operating costs are expected to fall and efficiency is expected to rise dramatically, while end-users gain more control – all thanks to the digital/smart age, which is set to leave its mark throughout the manufacturing domain.

The new digital world heralds a wave of astoundingly swift disruption.

Notable changes that are already starting to shape the future of industrial manufacturing include:

  • Use of smarter machines through connectivity, digitalization, big data, IoT, AI, and Machine learning
  • Increasing adoption and penetration of additive manufacturing
  • Shift from equipment sales to outcome-based /performance-based pricing model

Changes in the way we use and power the machines, the ‘support’ that we draw from digital intelligence, the autonomy of the machines and the inter-connectivity – both on and off the production line – are driving a transformational shift in the entire eco-system.

Having been focused on these megatrends and innovations since they began to emerge, we enable businesses to update their strategies to keep ahead of the rapidly changing competitive landscape. Anticipating and tracking disruptions, our insights position our clients at the forefront of the future.

Case Studies

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Analysis of application landscape for service robots and their deployment in the utility sector
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Analysis of Drones in the Construction Industry

Leading power tool manufacturer aimed at analysing the market landscape for drones used in construction applications
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Mapping Technological Developments in Inkjet Printing

Assessing the technological landscape of inkjet printing and options available for high-quality printing applications
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