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New technological advancements in the Electronics and Semiconductors sector – from digitalisation, AI/ML and IIOT to smart systems – are resulting in a sea change across many industries.

Businesses across the industrial, automotive, power and consumer fields are reshaping their revenue streams. They’re creating new product and business opportunities, utilising the next level of user experiences, with the aim of driving exponential growth in next 5-10 years. All of which makes it imperative to have deeper and clearer visibility on these technological advancements and their evolving markets. Impacts include:

  • Industrial:Manufacturing innovations such as predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence and advanced security that would pace up intelligent manufacturing solutions to Industry 4.0
  • Mobility: Having established the BEV as the alternative powertrain of choice for OEMs, the EV ecosystem now faces a number of challenging years ahead: high compute performance with low power SOC/GPU for ADAS/AD systems, standardisation in E/E architectures, in-vehicle data networks to sensor fusion with functional safety aspects
  • Power: The emergence of highly energy-efficient and compact power technologies for EVs to increase range with efficient battery management systems and thermal performance
  • Consumer Appliances: New business models in Lighting, with IOT to smart home appliances elevating consumer perceptions to even higher levels
  • Semiconductor:Though nodes are shrinking, no one is focusing on scaling while they attempt to keep up with the explosion in data and increase of traffic between machines. Many players are changing direction, setting new architectural paradigms – from how data is read and written in memories, to how it is processed and managed across multiple use cases

We empower decision makers with actionable solutions for the toughest problems. Our core mission is to build factual, validated insights – through our unique research methodologies – from client inputs, primary research and industry expertise.

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Finding answers to unique technology, market & business objectives.We create powerful solutions by harnessing our teams deep technology know-how and industry expertise.

Case Studies

Technology Landscape of High-Power SoC

Determined current market trends and techniques of SoC ASIC design with high power consumption
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Technological Advancements in the Ultra-Low Power Nodes Market

Evaluating the current market potential of ultra-low power nodes in identified applications
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Electric Agricultural Equipment

Studied market developments in power control devices and analyzed components and technologies for farm equipment
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High Resolution LiDAR Systems

Semiconductor player wanted to understand market for LiDAR technology for automotive and non-automotive segments – specifically focused on high resolution LiDAR technologies
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